Chasing Cinderella: Broken Dreams

Chasing Cinderella confronts man's nature and discusses if life has any meaning. Storytellers strive to assert their dominant narrative in hell to win the coveted prize of rebirth.

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About the Book

Truth is a space that is contested. In relating stories, the truth is also being communicated – at least the version that the storyteller wants to be heard. Chasing Cinderella explores the contest of truths by using the plot of dead storytellers competing against each other in hell for the grand prize of rebirth. Through their retelling of folktales, the fight between them mirrors the battle of truths. As they strive to assert their narratives so that it becomes the dominant one, the dead bards are answering the question: “What is the nature of man?’ Whose truth will prevail?

Chasing Cinderella: Broken Dreams
Genres: Absurdist Fiction, Adult Fiction, Literary Fiction
Tag: Published
Publisher: Isabella Media
Publication Year: 2019
ASIN: 0999445995
ISBN: 9780999445990
List Price: 19.99
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