As Summer draws to a close and schools across our nation begin to open their doors, we can’t help but feel a blended mix of emotions. The happiness that daycare will no longer be needed, sorrow that our little ones are getting older, and pride as we watch our young ones grow into older ones. They grow up fast.


As I was telling my youngest son, who will be a Junior this year, that this is most likely the busiest year he will spend in High School. I explained that it would also be his most memorable; my Junior year was for me. I encouraged him not to get so busy that he forgets to savor it. I gave him a piece of advice that I wish I had been given back then, “Don’t forget to stop and look around. Live in every moment, and enjoy how you feel.”


While it is one thing for High School students getting ready to enter adulthood, the perspective changes for your young children. They are getting prepared for the adventure of Jr High and High School. This will be our daughters last year in Elementary School. Next year, she will no longer be little – It’s surreal.



I know many of you are experiencing these same feelings; not sure what comes next. Even if this is not your first rodeo and you have a quiver full of older children, you must understand that each one is unique. This child will not handle life the way your other children have. This means we need to, as parents, spend additional time on our knees in prayer for our children.


So, I offer you this daily prayer to pray over your kids.


Heavenly Father,


I come to you with my children on my heart. You know each one inside in and out, better than I ever could. I pray that you will walk with them through their day. Help them to have open minds for learning, loving hearts for those around them, and a determined spirit to keep going when things get hard. Help me to know how to help them and when to let them handle things themselves. Help me to love them the way you love them and to be a parent that reflects you in all things.


In the name of Jesus,




We need to remember that our kids are still learning. It is our job to be there, but it is also our responsibility to give them room for growth. Accept challenges willingly. The next grade level is supposed to be harder – it’s called the education process. Encourage your little one to keep trying and not to give up. Guide them; never push, or worse, turn your back on them.


God has given us the unique opportunity of raising a child. It is the most challenging and at the same time, the most rewarding of all His gifts. Let us do good and make the Lord proud by growing them into mighty adult children of God.


A Back to School Prayer for Parents

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