Why is My Child Struggling in School?

It’s difficult for parents to see their children struggle with anything that is going on in their lives. When it comes to school, you want them to succeed. Their grades and what they learn right now will equate to their success later on in life. If you notice that your child is struggling in school, there can be a number of reasons for it. Some issues may be attributed to a learning disability. Other concerns could be social problems. It’s a good idea to figure out the problem early on. That way, it can be addressed in a timely manner.

Style or Method of Teaching

Your child might have a wonderful teacher, but the style of teaching that they use might not be beneficial for your child to grasp the information that is being taught. Your child may benefit from a different learning environment. Carden Conejo Private School recommends considering the benefits of a private education for children who are struggling in public institutions. Look at the private school options in your area and to see if they may be a better fit for your child’s individual needs.

Vision or Hearing Problems

In order for your child to fully absorb the information that is being taught to them each day, they need to be able to see and hear properly. If it becomes a challenge to see what’s going on at the front of the classroom, your child could be missing out on some fundamental lessons. They may even be having trouble hearing the teacher speak. Not every child will show signs of a hearing issue without being screened. Regular screenings should occur in school, but you can also inquire with your pediatrician about having some tests performed. You can also find audiologists with resources like the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) if you want to take your child directly to a specialist doctor.

Social Problems

Your child may be very intelligent, but having social issues in school can be a huge distraction. A child who makes friends easily and gets along well with everyone will tend to be very focused and do well in school. Unfortunately, a child who is being bullied or is distracted by the inability to make friends can find information hard to grasp. Try to talk to your child about how they’re feeling about school. If you know they’re struggling socially, then you can talk to them about ways to make friends. If you notice that your child is having problems with school, it’s a good idea to sit them down for a chat. Depending on their age, they may not be comfortable sharing a lot with you. That’s why it’s important to build trust with your child. They’ll share more as time goes on. You can also contact their teachers to find out if they have noticed any problems you should know about.

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