In a world where technology has become very much a focus of our lives, there are many benefits of reading to your child. As a grandparent, it is very beneficial to sit down and read to your grandchildren. Not only does this benefit them as they learn and grow but reading to your grandchildren is also beneficial for you in many different ways. Let’s talk more about how storytime brings grandchildren and grandparents closer together.


Benefits for the Grandkids

When a child reads regularly with their grandparent, this can help form a bond between the two. Also, a child will learn to read more quickly if they have been reading with an adult since they were very little. Reading also helps foster a good imagination. It helps a child learn how to pay attention, absorb what’s going on in a story, and learn about life.



Benefits for the Grandparents

Most grandparents enjoy reading to their grandchildren, but there are also benefits for the grandparents. If your parent(s) is/are in a nursing home, regular visits for storytime can also help keep them safe, as those who are visited less frequently are more likely to be at risk for nursing home abuse. As the child gets older, the child can begin to read the stories to their grandparents for practice.


Importance of the Grandparent-Grandchild Bond

It’s incredibly important for a child to create a bond with their grandparents. A great parent relationship is important, but the more family that a child can rely on, the better they will be able to function as adults when they are independent. Grandparents can provide a source of knowledge and confidence that parents can’t always provide. It’s healthy to let these groups interact and build a strong bond that will last for years to come. It also helps prevent loneliness.


If you are a parent that is looking for ways to improve the bond between your children and their grandparents, set up some time for them to read together. This is a wonderful activity that makes a big difference in everyone’s lives that are involved in the process. As a grandparent, spend some time with your grandchildren doing something simple like reading. You can even attend a local storytime to foster a love of books and reading. These often occur at local libraries and bookstores if you are interested.    

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How Storytime Brings Grandchildren and Grandparents Closer

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